Announcement on Payment of Dividend

TITAN CEMENT COMPANY S.A. announces, according to section of the Athens Stock Exchange Regulation, that the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, which was held on June 1, 2018, approved the distribution of dividend for the fiscal year 2017, of € 0.05 per share (ordinary and preference). Said dividend amount per share shall be increased by the sum corresponding to treasury shares held by the Company and therefore will reach the gross amount of €0.052716 per share. 

The abovementioned gross dividend amount is subject to a 15% withholding tax and therefore shareholders will receive a net amount of €0.044809 per share (ordinary and preference). 

The Record Date (i.e. the date on which shareholders registered in the electronic registry of the Dematerialized Securities System – DSS of the Company will be entitled to receive the dividend) was set for Tuesday June 26th, 2018.

The Cut-Off Date (i.e. the date from which the Company's shares will be traded on the Athens Stock Exchange without the right to receive the dividend) was set for Monday June 25th, 2018.

The payment of the dividend will be funded exclusively by the Company’s international liquidity and will start on Monday July 2nd , 2018  through the paying banks “Alpha Bank S.A.” and “Alpha Bank Cyprus Limited”, as follows:

  1. Through the DSS operators, for those shareholders who have authorized their operators to collect the dividend.
  2. For those shareholders who do not wish to collect the dividend through their DSS operators, through payment to the International Bank Account Number (IBAN), declared by the Shareholder, in accordance with Article 13 of the Rules of Operation of DSS and the decision no 6 of the BoD of the ATHEXCSD. This is only applicable to shareholders who have indicated an IBAN with “Alpha Bank S.A.”.
  3. Those shareholders, who, for any reason, will not be able to collect the dividend as per cases i and ii, will be able to receive it, through the branch network of “Alpha Bank S.A.” or “Alpha Bank Cyprus Limited”.

Moreover, considering as aforementioned that the dividend payment will be funded by the Company’s international liquidity, shareholders can declare to the DSS, through their operator, that they forego use of any previously declared IBAN and advise the paying banks towards the use of any other IBAN of a bank account to which they are beneficiaries.

For the collection of dividend through the Paying Banks’ branch network, shareholders will be required to present their ID along with the printout of the Code number of Investor’s Lot number (K.A.M.E. Code in DSS). 

Collection of dividend by a third party is effected only after producing an authorization that bears the complete details of both the beneficiary shareholder, as well as of the authorized entity (name and surname, father’s name, Identity card number, V.A.T. Reg nr.), with the beneficiary shareholder’s signature verified and ratified by the Police or any other competent Authority.

As from 1.1.2019 the dividend will be paid only through the branch network of “ALPHA BANK S.A.”

For any additional information please contact TITAN’s Shareholder Services Department (tel: +30 210 2591257, Mrs N. Kalesi).

June 19th, 2018

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