Termination of share buyback period

TITAN CEMENT COMPANY S.A. (the Company) announces that pursuant to decision of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders which was held today 1.6.2018, the 24-month period, which had been set pursuant to the decision of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders dated 17.6.2016 and the decision of the Board of Directors which was subsequently issued on 17.6.2016, was terminated today. During the aforesaid period, the Company was authorised to buy back, in accordance with article 16 of Law 2190/1920, its own shares not exceeding 10% of the Company’s paid up share capital, including the Company’s own shares which were previously acquired and held at that time at a minimum price per share equal to the nominal value of the share, which was €4 at the time and at a maximum price of €40 per share. 

During this period, namely from 18.6.2016 until today, the Company bought back in total 1,758,156 own shares (1,601,474 common and 153,210 preference shares), corresponding to 2.08% of the Company’s share capital, at an average purchase price of €20.08 per common share and €14.10 per preference share, paying in total € 34,383,314.13.  


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