Share Buyback

The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, which was held in Athens on June 1, 2018, authorized the purchase of the Company’s own ordinary and preferred shares in accordance with the provisions of article 16 of Law 2190/1920. More specifically, the Company shall be empowered to directly or indirectly buy-back its  own  common and/or preference shares up to 10% of the paid-up Company Share Capital, including treasury stock  previously acquired and held by the Company, within a 24 month period, namely from 2.6.2018 until 1.6.2020, at a maximum purchase price of  € 40 per share and at a minimum purchase price equal to the nominal value of the Company’s shares, provided the share buy-backs are deemed to be in the Company’s interest and the Company’s available funds are sufficient.

Decisions of Annual General Meeting

Announcements – Share Buy Back / Sale of Treasury Stock

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